Our Story


Illuminate Your Moments: A Journey of Light and Inspiration

Our journey starts in the year 2023, when a divine calling resonated within my soul, urging me to embark on a path which I felt was called to do by God. Inspired by a vision to create something profoundly meaningful, I dreamt of establishing a business that not only illuminated homes but also hoped to embody God's light.

As I navigated the challenges of being a military spouse, which is a unique hardship that few truly understand, and the responsibilities of motherhood many can relate to all while maintaining a career in marketing. I fell into a dark state of mind I found solace, as I turned to the biblical wisdom that "God is light; in him, there is no darkness at all." 

Which lead me to creating Burning Blooms. Fueled by a heart brimming with faith, I answered this calling. I left my job to stay home with my daughters and began delving into the art of candle making. Envisioning these candles as more than mere decorations, I sought to craft vessels of positivity, radiating warmth and faith. 

To transform this dream into reality, with the support of my husband I dedicated myself to thorough research and testing to provide the best quality product I could. Every candle became a masterpiece of craftsmanship as I meticulously selected high-quality materials safe for homes. Drawing inspiration from uplifting verses of the Bible— intended to evoked serenity and joy, each fragrance was chosen with care to create a sensory experience.

My hope is for our candles to embody God's divine light, encouraging us to live as children of light, promoting goodness, righteousness, and truth. The radiant glow of our candles serves as a reminder that small acts of kindness and sparks of creativity have the power to illuminate the world. 

Join us on this journey of illumination, where each candle becomes a source of inspiration for generations to come. Illuminate your life, with moments of radiant belief, and let the flame of our candles be an inspiration of faith.